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Snow is a four letter word... Victory Bank

Snow is a four letter word...

Posted on Thursday, February 11, 2010

Good Afternoon All! 

We managed to open for business yesterday and actually had a few customers stop by the bank, plus the telephone was ringing steadily.  In the interest of team member safety and common sense, we closed up early and went home to dig out.  Most of our team is here today and we are predictably busy.  Some are crabbier than others, but we're mostly all here!  Our parking lot is clear and salted, sidewalks are safe, and our drive-through bank lanes and ATM are looking good!

Of course, many of our customers rarely use our retail bank, and instead access the bank through a whole system of secure electronic means.  This includes remote check scanning directly into the banking system via the Internet using scanners located in their offices, on-line account access and on-line bill payment.  We back-up those services with a dedicated courier service, which is available to our customers at no additional cost.  For those customers, the bank never really closes, even for bad weather!  If you are interested in saving lots of time and moneyAND improving your cash flow, give us a call to discuss these services.  If you call during business hours, we will answer the telephone in person (no voice mail) and start building a win/win relationship with you and your business.

By the way, check out our savings rates.  Our Fortress Saving Account pays 1.75% APY, and our CD rates are extremely competitive.  Look forward to your comments.

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