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Rates on the Web Site, and Trust Victory Bank

Rates on the Web Site, and Trust

Posted on Tuesday, April 06, 2010

We recently received a very nice letter from a new customer, a husband and wife who were looking for a safe place to keep some of their savings, and who had recently opened a Fortress Savings account and a checking account.  They expressed concern that we didn't have our deposit rates posted on our web site, and so I called them to discuss this issue.

In listening to their concerns, I learned that they had developed the habit of reviewing various bank web sites in search of better rates and specials, and I think they were a little surprised to learn that we actually encourage bank clients to call us whenever they need help or information.  I explained that we have no voice mail system at The Victory Bank, and that we answer the telephone in person and answer clients' questions right on the spot.

I also let them know that they can contact any of our bankers simply by going to the "Contact Us" button on the web site, and sending us a direct e-mail seeking information, and I gave them my personal cell number if they ever needed to call me directly.

Most importantly, I reassured them that we don't utilize any kind of "bait and switch" promotions, meaning where a company promises something in the big type, only to take it away and then some in the fine print.  That is simply not our style.  We don't believe in it, and instead are totally committed to delivering on our promises - old fashioned credibility - in everything that we do.  We do change rates periodically depending on market conditions and other factors, but it's "what you see is what you get" when it comes to dealing with our bank.

Sometimes it takes a while to develop trust, and given the tactics of many other businesses in today's world, I can understand why any new client might be somewhat skeptical about the promises we are making.  I think over time they will come to believe in the values that our company was founded upon, because all of our people manage themselves every day, in lockstep with these values.

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