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News - The Longacre Company Completes State of the Art Project at the New Victory Bank - The Longacre Company Completes State of the Art Project at the New Victory Bank Victory Bank
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Tuesday, December 23, 2008

The Longacre Company recently completed installation of services at the all new Victory Bank located in Limerick, PA. Victory Bank President and Chief Lending officer Richard Graver – who has more than 25 years of experience in the banking industry – oversaw the project alongside CFO and COO, Bob Schultz. “Often there is a huge gap between what small businesses need from their bank and what is actually delivered,” said Graver. “The Victory Bank takes time to get to know and understand our business client’s needs and we deliver a consistent client experience every time. “This first building in which we are able to pursue our mission is a 6,500 square foot corporate headquarters for The Victory Bank. We are pleased to have had The Longacre Company involved in its construction. Although they worked directly with the general contractor, we were kept well informed of progress at every stage. We are extremely pleased with the quality and timeliness of their work and excellent communication. They did a great job and played a vital role in bringing our dreams to fruition in the construction of our main office.” According to Longacre Company Vice President, Steve Longacre, his firm provided the HVAC and electrical contractor services for the project. “We’re proud that The Victory Bank awarded Longacre the contract to install these services at their company headquarters,” said Longacre. “It’s always rewarding to play even a small part in the development of startup businesses. We wish The Victory Bank much growth and prosperity and look forward to having the opportunity to contribute to the construction of future branches.” Longacre further expounded that the highlight of the install was the state-of-the-art Lutron Softswitch128 lighting system. Longacre’s Electrical Division Manager Bill Spade was responsible for that phase of the project. According to Spade, the Softswitch128 system was the best choice for The Victory Bank as it provides the most demanding needs for switched public space lighting, offering occupancy, scheduled and manual control, daylight sensing, astronomical time clock and contact closure inputs for flexibility and energy savings. “It was fitting to install this advanced lighting system at The Victory Bank’s headquarters,” said Spade. “This new bank is focused on being a trend setter and a maverick in the industry. The Softswitch128 system delivers the same service for them.”