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Phillies Game Day Victory Bank

Phillies Game Day

Posted on Friday, August 30, 2013


There are very few things in my business life that I find more gratifying than seeing so many of our clients and members of the community just hanging out at the bank as they did today.&<2288; Yes, we had some technical difficulties with the television feed into the board room, but in the end I think it may have turned out even better this way.&<2288; Lots of fun, baseball on the TV in the retail bank, smiling children, free hotdogs, chips, cheeseburgers and ice cream!&<2288; Are you kidding?&<2288;

All of this takes lots of work, from Christine Schneider and from many members of our team, like Kelly, Matt, Shelly and Ben, plus all the members of the retail team like Diana and Sarah and Jennifer and of course, Roxanne!&<2288; How about our lenders and business development folks, like Joe and Jim, and senior leaders like Bob and Rich.&<2288; I actually had a person point out that Bob was being sociable with clients, and even appeared to be enjoying himself!&<2288; Yes, that’s hard to believe and was probably an aberration of some kind, but anyway, thanks to all of you who pulled this off, and thanks to all of the clients and friends who visited with us today.&<2288; Great work to everybody who helped make this happen!

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