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Staffing and Learning

Posted on Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Summer is upon us, and so comes hot weather and vacation season. Staffing the bank with enough quality people to ensure great service and good advice all year round can at times be a challenge. Plus, part of the culture here is to build a learning organization, where everyone is committed to learning and personal growth.

This means training and education which can also create staffing challenges.
Roxanne Raymond is our retail branch manager and just completed the Pennsylvania Bankers Association’s School of Banking, which requires a full week of classes at Penn State, and Noel Billingsley of our commercial lending team was also away at the Commercial Lending School sponsored by the same organization. The PBA really does an outstanding job representing the banking industry and in creating high-quality educational programs for bankers throughout the state and the mid-Atlantic region. I have served as a board and faculty member for these schools and recently helped create a new and improved curriculum for the PBA’s Advanced School of Banking.

We believe that these investments of time and money will generate valuable returns to the bottom line over time. It is difficult for a small bank of our size to quantify the benefits of training and education, but no one could persuade me that the benefits are not real and valuable. Investing in training may take a while to show benefits, but it is a crucial element to the long-term success of the bank. Along with these outside training programs, led by Shelly Stockmal, we are in the process of developing a comprehensive internal training program, designed to teach our team members how the bank operates, regulatory compliance, client service and company values. Most of the senior managers at the bank help to create and teach the classes, and of course, we also learn through the teaching process.

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